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Various Sessions .wmv files

http://www.wavelust.com/real/121903.wmv   Bud, Fabian ... North Shore December '03 (4 meg)
http://www.wavelust.com/real/121903b4.wmv   Bud
North Shore December '03 (1.4 meg)
http://www.wavelust.com/real/112803bx.wmv   Bud secret spot November '03 (1.6 meg)
http://www.wavelust.com/real/112803a.wmv   Waves, spongers secret spot November '03 (3.7 meg)
http://www.wavelust.com/real/042703r.wmv   Rich Small Rockys April '03 (1.5 meg)
http://www.wavelust.com/real/042703xx.wmv   Bud Waist high Rockys April '03 (1.5 meg)
http://www.wavelust.com/real/112902x.wmv   Secret spot November '02 (1 meg)
http://www.wavelust.com/real/zoysia.wmv    Bud Collage (3.2 meg)

Couple segments from old video 2.3meg, 55sec wmv file
Bud  Feb 2000 (.8 meg)
Another re-hash of old (1998) footage. A super fun day at a secret south
shore spot. Just a few friends, very soft, shouldery waves (90% cutbacks)
and great conditions. Neal's friend Jimmy had a small boat and was filming
from the channel -  1.7 meg, 40 sec

Sunday May 12, 2002

South swell, secret spot. The swell was kind of a let down but the
Williams brothers had good fun and we had it to ourselves all morning.
Surf was disappearing fast and conditions deteriorating, so when 2 guys
paddled out about 1030, we decided to each take turn with the video cam,
stipulating a 2 waves or 15 minutes limit.

Overhead surf and little room for error (or straightening out) at
this fickle spot-

Rich- http://www.wavelust.com/real/051202r1.asf ~.8meg
Bud- http://www.wavelust.com/real/051202b1.asf ~.9meg
Bud- Slow mo portion of above in .asf format-> 051202bx.asf ~.9meg

Tuesday February 12, 2002

Video I shot of an unidentifed charger at Sunset on a completely blown out morning

2.9meg asf

* The text of the "commentary" in the video-
Bud- ... he's dropping into this double up, check it out. Oh yeah, fading, yeah!
Rich- oooh he faded too far!
Bud- aye yai
Bud- he's hatin life right now.... there he is...
Bud- yeah he's right in about the worst place he could b.... no it looks like he might skate...
Rich- no he got drilled again- ohh!
Bud- (snicker)

Tuesday January 1, 2002 (Link to Journal Entry)

Nothing spectacular but nice conditions (slight side shore winds) and suuuuper fun head high to overhead and a half with never more than 3-6 people out. We traded off with the video cam for one wave each before jumping in to surf-

Rich (0.5meg asf)
Bud (1meg asf) (Test clip - a portion of the same vid in slow mo .5meg .asf)

Sunday December 30, 2001 (Link to Journal Entry)

Hooked up with a friend for a few hours of crowded but decent east side action. Took a few minutes of video before jumping in. Slapped together a short clip -

unknown surfers 28 sec(1.8meg asf)

Wednesday December 26, 2001 (Link to Journal Entry)

Massive glare from setting sun (filming directly into sun) and way way way to far away, but here's brother Rich dropping into a monster set at Makaha, looks bigger than 3xoh. Watch closely at exactly half way through, you can see him drop in, disappear then re-appear going down the face.

Rich (3meg mpg) 3xoh+ at Makaha
Rich (2.8meg mpg) His last wave, caught from the middle

Wednesday July 18, 2001 (Link to Journal Entry)    (Back to pics from this Session)

Bud races the wall and finishes off with a snap 1.9meg (.mpg)
Rich snaps and dismounts with style 1.5meg (.avi)
Clean up set catches the crew off guard .9meg (.avi)
Neal carves up a good sized one .9meg (.avi)
Fabian blazes on his 5'10" fish before the wave shuts down .7meg (.avi)
Makaniknows tube riding! 1.9meg (.avi)
Bodyboarders double trouble and over the falls body slams 1meg (.avi)

Wednesday July 11, 2001 (Link to Journal Entry)    (Back to pics from this Session)

Windows .avi Vid Clips from this session
Makani (911k)    Bud (976k)    Makani (722)    Bud (788k)

Saturday March 17, 2001  (Link to Journal Entry) (Back to pics from this Session)

Saturday December 2, 2000 - Small Day at Rocky Pt (Link to Journal Entry) (Back to pics from this Session)

Monday August 21, 2000 - Oahu  (Link to Journal Entry) (Back to pics from this Session)

Sunday February 20, 2000 Oahu  (Link to Journal Entry) (Back to pics from this Session)
Much of the video was filmed before the sun came over the mountain so the lighting in some of the clips is poor. . .

  • Wave(.avi ~ 320k) Empty left hand peeler spits
  • Makani(.avi ~ 600k) Big snap, barrel
  • Neal(.avi ~ 1173k) Multiple slashes, rollo
  • Neal(.mpg ~ 1852k) Closeout attack
  • Neal(.avi ~ 1414k) Multiple slashes, spinner
  • Bud(.avi ~ 962k) Racing the wall, underestimates backwash
  • Bud(.avi ~ 1030k) Under lip snap (pre-dawn - poor lighting).
  • Bud(.avi ~ 930k) Carving
  • Bud(.avi ~ 1129k) Couple snaps
  • VideoClip produced

  • Saturday December 4, 1999 Oahu  (Link to Journal Entry) (Back to pics from this Session)