Misc Pics

September 2004
Desktop Wallpaper page in the works

November 20, 2001
My son Joey - shows proper pop-up technique

June 12, 2001
Double rainbow- snapped this one through my windshield driving through Aiea

June 6, 2001
Screen Capture- from Surfline's South Shore Cam. About 20 people at Bowls scratching for thigh high waves

June 2, 2001
Waimea Bay- Not exactly the way surfers like to see it, but still very beautiful
Waimea again- I caught the kid midway through his jump off the rock

May 26, 2001
Somewhere on Oahu- Miles of beautiful, empty beach!? On a Saturday afternoon, no less
Somewhere on Oahu- Other end of the same beach
Restricted- Surfing Beach
H-3 Tunnel- From the windward side

April 21, 2001
Pufferfish- leisurely swimming in the Ala Wai boat basin. Look ahead in his path- there's a small barracuda that looks ready to ambush him 

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